pregnant teenTeenagers have high fertility rates, energetic lifestyles and healthy bodies. But they are not emotionally and physically ready for a pregnancy. A teenage pregnancy is generally unplanned and based on decisions such as societal pressures. Teen pregnancy rates have been on the decline since a decade. But nevertheless teenage pregnancy rates in the U.S. still remain higher than those of other developed nations. It was observed that nearly 12% of all births in the US were teenage births. The staggering figure of nearly 1 million teen pregnancies speaks for itself.

The health of a teen mother has a bearing on the baby. It has been noticed that teens are less likely to gain the adequate amount of weight during pregnancy thereby leading to low birth weight babies. Smoking increases the risks of miscarriage and other pregnancy complications such as still birth and premature birth. Teen pregnancy also runs the risk of pregnancy complications such as anemia, high blood pressure and premature labor. Babies born to teenage mothers were of low birth weight and sometimes had complications such as undeveloped organs and subsequent problems such as respiratory distress or vision loss.

Consequences of teen pregnancy:
 • Higher levels of dropouts at high school.
 • Due to lack of adequate job skills, a teen mother may become dependent on welfare or live in poverty.
 • Lack of social support systems and parenting skills lead to a stressful situation arising out of a teen pregnancy.

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